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Saturday, January 17th, 2009 | Author:

I know, but sometimes these things get overlooked,
therefore, these photos have been building up for a while.

a poor summer followed a promising spring, when we had the reed buntings, for example.

here’s some pics from that summer.

here we go, at the risk of confusing everyone, and myself . .

a jay, always hard to snap as they’re so timid

a great spotted woodpecker, a nice visitor to the “new” feeders in the Pyghtle area

two young robins, with interesting variations on the well known adult plumage.

a southern hawker dragonfly.

a young bullfinch, with it’s unusual colouring.
next up, the same day . . . . .

the final colour scheme

a grass snake, watched, if memory serves, by a young moorhen.

the first day the little grebe turned up this year.
later on the more bold second bird arrived.
here’s the timid one.

two kingfisher photos from December, only in the late afternoon, for about an hour, did the sun reach the back of the Mere. . . . kingfisher time!

Alder seeds are popular with goldfinches, siskin usually go for these, but this year goldfinch seem more prevalent.

one of relatively few siskin about as compared to other years.
pictured amongst the Alder seeds.

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Thursday, July 03rd, 2008 | Author:


spotted at the Pyghtle feeders, a new visitor,
a young nuthatch, seen the previous day as well.
-have yet to catch sight of the adult birds at the Mere,
so keep looking!

in an attempt to confuse me,
trying to look and act like a nuthatch,
a great tit . . isn’t birding wonderful?

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 | Author:

a clutch of moorhen chicks are being raised near the aquifer,
east of the main bridge across The Mere.
Safety seems assured by the nearby straw rolls
and the netting that holds them together.

However, the herons are after them.

I counted four chicks and witnessed two heron attacks.
All survived, but for how long I wonder?

on the prowl

look carefully and you may just count all four chicks

feeding time

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Saturday, May 17th, 2008 | Author:

a female blackbird “anting”.
This behaviour is part of many a bird species cleaning regime.
An ants nest is upset, the ants attack the perpetrator
with formic acid, this kills mites etc.
A dust bath or wash then finishes the job.

a young heron, something of a regular in the last few weeks.
There is something primeval and fascinating about these birds . . .

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Wednesday, April 09th, 2008 | Author:


it’s interesting to see the alternative uses made of the information signs by animals on the site.
Some wild, some less so.

A resident wren often perches on one post in particular,
by the main bridge, meanwhile, two more residents use them as lookout points.

a jay, busy gathering nest material.

Pippin, just one of four cats spotted this day.

an elusive, but noisy chiffchaff on the railway emankment.
No post needed, just leafy cover.

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Monday, April 07th, 2008 | Author:


on the reserve today, poking about on the margins of the main lagoon, occasionally taking flight to go to the opposite bank.

Slowly he got nearer and nearer, with me crossing the bridge to perhaps sneak a closer shot.

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Wednesday, April 02nd, 2008 | Author:

a dull, wet day -however, the reserve is busy

the cute siskin are quite happy, until another species drops in for a snack that is.
They then turn in quite a performance, flapping and squawking to deter unwanted visitors.

jays, while big, noisy and colourful, are actually very shy.
This one was caught in the millisecond he realised I was watching him from the hide.

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Tuesday, April 01st, 2008 | Author:

Sunday 30.03.08

a fox near the river.
a male blackcap near the bog area.
the reed buntings.
an industrious working party.
coffee and cake.


the “resident” sparrowhawk patrols the skies over the reserve.
-always inducing panic alarm calls around the site when it’s abroad.

a perky robin

an even perkier wren

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Tuesday, April 01st, 2008 | Author:

Sunday 30.03.08
the newly planted butterfly meadow area next to the hide,
has proved itself a success, so early in the year too.

comma perched on “honesty”

comma perched on a perenniel wallflower

peacock sunbathing on a stone

fritillaries appear again.
how long will they last this year??

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Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 | Author:


following on from the other day,
I can report two reed buntings on the site.


I assume it’s a breeding pair, but must admit that the variety of plumages leaves me a bit unsure.
Let’s assume a pair, it’s Springtime after all!

here is a group of images which I just had to show,
as this is a first -let’s enjoy it!

here in numbers at the moment, siskin.
Like redwing, from Scandinavia, though the siskin seem to be present all year round,
but in reduced numbers.

just one of a 20 strong redwing flock in and around the reserve over the past few weeks.
Quite nervous birds to approach, hence the distant shot.

wrens show best at this time of year.

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