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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 | Author:

I nearly stepped on this grass snake that was
basking in the morning sunshine on the entrance
drive. A group of ramblers arrived at the same
and were thrilled to share this sighting with us.
This must now be the most photographed snake
in England! It eventually became camera shy
and slithered slowly away into the adjacent grass.
Perhaps it had only just come out of hibernation
as this occurs in March/April?


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Wednesday, July 02nd, 2008 | Author:


Something stirred deep in the swamplands of the WWA – an intruder all the way from the Mississippi (or rather the local pet shop!)……..a female Red-eared Terrapin which had grown to a length of almost 10 inches – now seen captured in one of our yellow trugs. She is safely in the hands of the RSPCA officer (literally) after probably having been released into the Reserve by an irresponsible pet owner. These terrapins were all the rage as pets in the 1990s when the T.V. series ‘Teenage mutant ninja turtles’ was broadcast . But when people bought them they were only tiny. Then they grew…….and grew…and people no longer wanted them as pets. How long she had been living in the ‘Boggy Area’ is unknown – apparently they can hibernate in mud for long periods. She may have surfaced recently as the temperature has risen. Committee member Jack thought he caught a glimpse of her some weeks ago – and he was right!

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