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Saturday, March 03rd, 2007 | Author:
First a view of the site from the old railway route footpath/cycleway.

I hope anyone familiar with this view is able to cope with the lack of seating!
Experienced spotters will be able to identify the Sandy Glover amongst this flock of resident species seen on site mid January…………..


… and patience is rewarded with a closer view…

A few members of the Wicket Brood Morris have also been seen performing early spring rituals …

and they are not just pointing
out each other’s inadequacies…

This rare breed is generally migratory and only seen briefly on site in January. Watch this space for the more unusual sightings.

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Saturday, January 20th, 2007 | Author:

Sunny and windy today. Saw first snowdrops near toolshed. Also a marsh marigold near the far end of the bridge. Took photos of wintry teasels and our Green Man sculpture. Returned home covered in burrs, looking as if I had been sleeping in a ditch.
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