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it’s the reed buntings, who were first spotted last year, 23.03.08
-today I saw two, but photographed one.
They may have been here all year long,
-but if they were, I didn’t see them . . .

there was a “fly over”, of perhaps 10 redwing.
Elusive, noisy, shy and fast, they remain a difficult bird to “capture”.
This one was 100 yards along the railway track from the Mere, after the fly over,
-so it’s one for this site as far as I’m concerned.

always worth including, the ever obliging blue tit

the lovely, elusive, ever-on-the-move, long tailed tit

two shots of what currently, seems to be our resident song thrush,
-on this misty morning, pointed out to me by Jack.

a young mute swan

mallard may be common, but they always look full of character,
-this female looks a bit threatening.


mallard, included here purely because I quite like the pic;
-they had their eye on me and soon made off.

little grebe, snapped way after the pair had been spotted.
Looking eerily atmospheric in the mist.

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