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Just went down to the reserve today and was astounded to see a 6cm greeny brown fish under the bridge nearest the river. Probably a fully grown stickleback, but my fish identification skills are limited. Lots of small (1-2cm) dark fish hiding around the edges near the next bridge, by the spit too.

I couldn’t get a picture of the fish though, so here’s a damselfly – a Banded Demoiselle I believe.

The ducklings were also out – just five of them, and quite grown up now. I also saw one or two moorhen chicks with mother, though they were darting amongst the fringes and so hard to be sure whether it was one chick going in circles or two in a row.

Finally – a picture of a ladybird larva for those that don’t know what one looks like. They’re quite different to the finished bug!

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