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A new visitor . . . .brown slime,
across the Mere.
Some sort of algae.
Have not been to site for while,
so don’t know how long it’s been here.
Looks nasty.

meanwhile, some more pleasant sights

The last two pics show our woodpecker at the feeders, but as you can see, he was being a bit secretive!
Look closely, in the upper pic. -he’s there.

From the far side of the bridge, across the Mere, I saw him arrive at the feeder. As I approached him, (very slowly and quietly across the bridge) he sidled around to the back of the feeder. You would never have realised he was there…. Luckily, we both held our nerve, the next frame captured him beautifully.

top: wren
middle: robin
bottom: gt. spotted woodpecker

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