Nature resources

There are thousands of species of spiders, butterflies, beetles and other flora and fauna that you may see on the reserve. Here are some excellent resources to help you identify what you’ve seen and learn more about them.

OPAL identification guides: brilliant, simple PDFs to identify trees, dragonflies, worms, freshwater invertebrates, spiders, moths, invertebrates, amphibians and more.

iRecord: log your findings, contributing to the science and conservation community – for when you know what you’ve seen and want to record it.

UK Safari – Spiders: all UK spiders on one page with great pictures.

British Garden Birds: detailed information on each bird, if you already know what you’ve seen.

British Dragonflies: identify dragonflies and damselflies with great pictures all on one page.

UKMoths: various ways to find your moth.

Bumblebee Conservation Trust: common British bumblebees.