WWA Wildlife Report - January 2000

Stinking Hellebore in full bloom by the end of this month - it has spikes of green flowers with maroon edges. Violet, primrose and snowdrops braving the cold by the end of the month, and the daffodil spikes and celandine leaves appeared. New leaves appeared on our water plants (marsh marigolds, water docks) towards the end of the month.

The pair of swans finally drove off their one remaining cygnet in January. Other sightings on the mere included mallard and the kingfisher. A mob of magpies were attacking something in the trees by the tunnel on 9 January. Plenty of small birds around.

A little female Muntjac deer had been lying up between the snakeheaps on 30 January and everyone had walked straight past it all day. However, noises from one of the allotments finally disturbed it and it appeared and wandered off across the site. Since this she has been spotted in the Riverside Road gardens, once in the company of a male, so she may have been in season. Only time will tell......

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