Insects seen on the site


Brimstone Comma Common blue
Gatekeeper Green-veined white Holly blue
Large white Meadow brown Orange tip
Painted lady Peacock Red Admiral
Skipper Small tortoiseshell Small white
Speckled Wood    
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birds wing bright-line brown-eye brimstone
buff arches buff ermine burnished brass
common emerald common marbled carpet common pug
common rustic common wainscot flame
flame shoulder dark arches dark dagger
elephant hawk moth feathered gothic garden carpet
gothic heart and dart hummingbird hawk moth
large yellow underwing least yellow underwing lesser broad bordered
yellow underwing
lesser yellow underwing light arches middle-barred minor
mother of pearl plume moth poplar hawk
red underwing riband wave rosy rustic
ruby tiger setaceous hebrew character shuttle-shaped dart
silver. y small clouded brindle small square spot
small magpie snout spectacle
straw dot swallow prominent treble lines
vines rustic willow beauty  
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Dragon and Damselflies

Brown hawker (dragonfly) Common darter (dragonfly) Emperor dragonfly
Banded demoiselle (damselfly) Beautiful demoiselle (damselfly) Blue-tailed damselfly
large red damselfly    
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Bumble bee