WWA Wildlife Reports - October 2003

4th October 2003

Pair of adult swan overflew site in early week. Geese have been flying in travelling skeins for weeks now. Autumn colours are gorgeous this year, the long hot Summer has increased the sugars in the leaves and they are showing well, Dogwoods, Guelder rose, Spindles, Joe's vine, etc, etc. Enormous toad plopping about in the Ver at the mink trap. Perhaps it is eating the bait or the slugs that do so also.? Strange grassy 'tunnel' by the path at the point where one can see the Water rail's hole.

11th October 2003

Autumn colours still gorgeous. Signal crayfish seen crawling about in the Ver, about 6 of them near our inlet. Suspect Heron may be eating them on site; if so, it can't eat enough! Kingfisher is regularly on the main boardwalk now, and 3 Swans have been visiting the site.

18th October 2003

Nothing to report, Site Manager away.

25th October 2003

Colours still magnificent, both on the trees and Shrubs and now in drifts on the ground that the kids love to scuff. There are still insects and bees about, and a few flowers still to feed them. The Heron seems to be taking an interest in the large Christmas tree near the Orchard and snake-heap. He has been seen almost every day roosting or stomping about up there, and looks very odd and comical. Kingfisher has now ventured to perch up on the bank at Riverside Road end of Mere - very bold.
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