WWA Wildlife Reports - September 2003

6th September 2003

Pair of Kingfishers sighted on Mere. Lots of blossom still on site despite the dry Summer. Most on Sensory Garden, but some second blooming on Butterfly Meadow and Mediaeval Triangle. Great willowherb is still showing lots of magenta pink, while the Oenothera as always makes a good Autumn show. The trees and shrubs, however, have given up already, and are are showing a lot of Autumn colour already. The Spindles have turned their glamorous coral pink, and are a picture, which will improve over the next few weeks. Andy reports that a lot of apple trees have dropped fully formed fruit in the heat. However, the old anonymous tree has managed to hold on to its meagre 6 fruits and may have enough for an ident at last. Heron still on site each day and is possibly taking American Signal crayfish - we wish!

13th September 2003

Heron seems to have gravitated to the River judging by the metallic screeching from that area. Maybe he has eaten all the Signal crayfish on site. (We wish!) Dr Clack says that the new threat is the Turkish crayfish, which can get up to the size of a Lobster....ye gods! A few late butterflies about, whites, Red Admiral and Speckled wood.

20th September 2003

Jay and Bullfinches on site Thursday. Fri spent 5 mins watching the Muntjac going gently round the orchard sampling the fallen apples. She got to the Golden Hornet and delicately picked a fruit off one of the low branches and tasted it -- a couple of seconds later -- ptui! she dumped it out. I think she was well aware of me, but I was far enough away not to invade her comfort zone. Autumn colours beautiful, especially the Spindles.

27th September 2003

The two white Colchicums salvaged from the moving of the Medlar tree are now in bloom in their new home in the Sensory Garden. Spindles still gorgeous. This Summer has been so dry that normal feedstuffs of berries and fruits are small and juiceless; birds hungry and attacking the feeders.

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