WWA Wildlife Reports - August 2003

2nd August 2003

Site full of Meadow brown butterflies with a dead example found. They are varying in size quite considerably - ? difference in hatching temperatures during the recent fluctuations? Dragon and damselflies out again with the sun. Fleabane and White mallow full out on the Sensory garden. All the grass seeding has suddenly sprouted after the rain.

9th August 2003

Huge list of moths now complete for the 3 sessions held by Charlie and Jenny Luckhurst. Nothing particularly rare, Charlie says, but a great number and variety and some spectacular ones. Muntjac seen on site during bat sunrise survey tottling unconcernedly over the main boardwalk. Bat survey produced a sighting of one bat (probably Pipistrelle) over site then doing a few runs up and down the Ver. Later evening excursions by Richard with bat detector in the evening twilight saw and heard hunting Pipistrelles over the tunnel end of site and Alban Way, also at Alban Way and Cottonmill Playing Field. This week saw the return to the site of the Common darter Dragonfly after an absence of some 5 years. Owl heard hooting round site and bold Greater spotted woodpecker and Blackbird on Shady Place.

16th August 2003

Exhausted racing pigeons on site during week, one wounded on its neck. I couldn't catch it, but the killer cat did. Someone took its ring, so presume will info the society. Heron still on site most days. Another Hummingbird hawkmoth on Butterfly meadow making the most of the last of the flowers. Greater spotted woodpecker on Shady Place 2 days in the week. Forgot to mention swans paid the site a brief visit last Sunday. Only counted 7 babies, but visitors to the site this Sunday assured me that they still had 8, the adventurous one was still adventuring, it seems. Several Elders (not old ones, either) have died on and round site. The one overhanging Mediaeval Triangle has fallen over (or even more over than it was before!)

23rd August 2003

Jay, Greater spotted woodpecker and Long tailed tits on site all week. Heron getting especially bold -- sits on the boardwalk despite visitors being there also. Frogs abound, driven on land by the attentions of the Heron.

30th August 2003

Long tailed tits on site again this week, together with the first charms of Goldfinches for a while (the Teasels are just about ready, plus plenty of Thistle seed for them.) Kingfisher at the middle of the Mere, plunge-diving. Must be plenty of small fish despite the seagull, as we saw him take two and eat them. Insects still about in the returning warmth, including Brown hawker dragonfly and Hummingbird hawkmoth.

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