WWA Wildlife reports - July 2003

5th July 2003

First Red Admiral butterflies on site, together with lots of others as last week. Tony R reports Muntjac hanging about. Maybe baby? Banded and Beautiful demoiselles on site with sundry other damsels. Celery leaved buttercup is a new arrival on site in Shady Place. Swans posing with their cygnets in a flotilla all day. Killer tabby cat still on site, killed and ate two mice in front of the poor little cubs. Jackdaws on site, so crow must have finished nesting.

12th July 2003

Kingfisher seen regularly again now, and plenty of reports from local people of Muntjac, and baby has been seen. Tuesday it was hopping from patch of cover to another on Butterfly Meadow -- it 'bunned down' again quite happily, even though there were families on site. Hummingbird Hawk moth also on Butterfly Meadow and a Brown Hawker dragonfly patrolling the Mere.The Ringlet butterfly sighting confirmed during the week, and was probably the one Andy saw. Many butterflies on site, all as last week's report, but more of them in the clement weather. An oddity on Sunday - the weather was so hot that the Broom seed pods were popping with a clearly audible snap.

19th July 2003

Ringlet still on site with many other butterflies including Red Admiral, Painted Lady and a blue, too far away for ident. First Peacocks and Speckled woods since Spring also. Beautiful demoiselle on site again, as was a Brown Hawker, swooping down to make splashes on the Mere surface. Sticklebacks now back in main Mere and Kingfisher eying them from the big Boardwalk -- very brave for him. Sensory garden has had some of the slugged small plants reappear after the rain.

26th July 2003

Young Heron still on site most of the time. Muntjac and baby seen to leave the site together on Tuesday, and she barked and barked for about 1/4 hour, maybe looking for a mate again now the baby has grown up. Kingfisher now frequenting the main boardwalk regularly. Brown hawker dragonfly still on site, plus a great many Gatekeepers and Meadow brown butterflies. The site is flushed magenta pink with Purple loosestrife, Great hairy willowherb and Rosebay willowherb.

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