WWA Wildlife reports - May 2003

3rd May 2003

After: good 'April' Showers growing weather, blossoms look really glamorous, and the leaves of the trees are that wonderful shouting spring green. Chamomile bench - larger seedlings have survived, though smaller ones have been beaten to a pulp by the heavy raindrops. In bloom -- Cow parsley, apple trees, Lily of the valley, Sweet woodruff, true Bluebells, Green alkanet and Red Campion all fully out. Swans still on nest. Lots of butterflies about -- Holly blue, Orange tip, Peacock, Speckled wood etc, together with hoverflies, Bumblebees and Susan's bees. Sunday the weather cleared after 10 days of much needed rain.

10th May 2003

Much disappointment, bloody slugs have scoffed all the camomile seedlings on the Chamomile bench during the wetter weather. Camilla the swan is tormenting the poor little Red crested pochard unmercifully whenever the male relieves her on nest duty. Kingfisher about, also prowling juvenile Heron who fell foul of Camilla on her nest. Noise terrific! It didn't have much luck at all, as it was mobbed off site by two aggressive and determined Crows. New blooms out -- Dames' violet, Creeping buttercup, Silverweed, White deadnettle, Broom. Site looking really good. Butterflies about as last week, also rocket-powered Damselfly, too far and fast to make ident.

24th May 2003

Found 1 slow worm and 2 newts when digging up Voyager apple tree. Dead Coot chick, headless, under Silver birch in Shady place. Blossoms this week -- Dames' violet, Medlar, Moon daisies, and we have some germination of Corn chamomile and Corn marigold. Red crested pochard now the property of uxurious Mallard drake, so no doubt we will. have more X-bred babies soon. Swans still incubating. Sheila reports being handed orphan Cygnet -- very tempted to become surrogate Mum, but baby now with Lis Dorer in her large pen of Cygnets. Orange tip butterflies on site.

31st May 2003

One duck with singlet baby, another with 6, one of which is marked for an early death (adventurous and stupid with it!) Roses looking gorgeous, great sprays of pink blossom everywhere. Place full of Jackdaws Thursday, till the crow flew in. Wrens nesting in the end of the bird hide roof, possibly in the ivy of the blockhouse, and in the shed. New damselflies this week -- 2 ovispositing Large red damsels, and a first for the site, a definite ident of a Beautfiful demoiselle male. Earlier, a probable Blue-tailed damselfly whizzing past among the reeds. Reed warblers and Water rail on site.

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