WWA Wildlife Reports - February 2003

1st February 2003

The snow during the week has allowed the early Spring blooms to start to 'pop' - violets and one Primrose out, Snowdrops out but still upward-pointing and the daffodils are so far advanced in bud that I fear they will be out too soon. Cormorant flew over, as did a single swan, probably Camilla. Val reports a huge fight between an intruder pair (possibly last year's Arthur and Guinevere) and 'our' new resident pair (named Frank and Molly by Florance.) The cob is very aggressive in these exchanges, far too fierce for the gentle Arthur and Guinny.

8th February 2003

Not much about, weather miserable. Lots of Dunnock, plus Robins, foraging about after the workers. Long tailed tits scooting about in the trees and bushes. Swans have been seen mating. So perhaps they will get their act together and start to build a nest now. Quite a lot Of Spring flowers Out, Snowdrops, Violets, and the first Daffodils (already) and Primroses -- all a Cheering Sight.

15th February 2003

Loads of small birds about. Dunnock creeping about like mice and the Robin pestering for worms. Heard Water Rail. Spring flowers as last week, but working up to their full beauty. Ramsons and the first Bluebells just showing above ground.

22nd February 2003

Site looking lovely with all the Spring flowers out. Not many Primroses as yet, but daffodils very early indeed. Swans Seem to be moving in the direction Of Sheila, Howard and Steve's des res constructed for them some weeks ago, but are not putting their minds to the task yet. The undersized white Mallard throwback seems to have both a mate and a selected territory this year so far. Feisty he is!

List of the birds seen by Chris on his walkabout

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