WWA Wildlife Report - December 2002

7th December 2002

Steve found a little vole whizzing about the sensory garden. Think we may have another Mink on site, as the eaten remains of a seagull found beside the path in Shady place. Squirrels about, raiding the bird tables in Riverside Road.

14th December 2002

Nothing of any note, apart from the usual small songbirds, so wet and windblown they looked like brown soggy leaves flying through the air.

21st December 2002

Howard and Sheila report sighting a Siskin, eating at the Goldfinch feeder, and a pair of Dabchick (Little Grebe) who have been on site for a week. They and the Kingfisher have been busy scarfing up the small fish.

28th December 2002

Dabchicks still on site, which has been visited by a pair of swans, presume the youngsters 'Arthur' and 'Guinevere' who took over last year: from 'Oscar' and 'Camilla'. Kingfisher has been all round the site on and off, instead of staying down at the tunnel end of the Mere.

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