WWA Wildlife Report - November 2002

1st November 2002

Great fat squirrel taking flying leaps over the site; so heavy in preparation for Winter that he was landing with an audible thump He has dug so deep to bury nuts that he has unearthed Bluebells 8 inches down, the little wretch. Iris foetidus just popping open its gorgeous seed pods, its clumps plumping up nicely.

8th November 2002

Not much wildlife about, weather too grimbly. More gulls freeloading on the Mere, max of 8 now. Mallard and crosses back up to their usual 40 or so. Val reports Kingfisher now being seen on the main boardwalk. Sylvia reports that the young swan pair brought their babies in for a daytrip. Babies now fully grown and flying well.

15th November 2002

Site Manager on holiday.

22nd November 2002

Site Manager on holiday.

29th November 2002

There are still a very few Corn Marigolds and Field scabious flowers out on Butterfly Meadow, and all the more exposed clumps of violets are showing flowers already. Woodpecker chuckling away round the site all day on and off. Site swarming with small birds, stuffing themselves at the feeders. Drake Mallard fighting and trying to mate already. One has a damaged eye with the nictitating membrane over it and two great chunks out of the crop area. (Seems well in itself, however.)

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