WWA Wildlife Report - May 2002

4th May 2002

Swans are sitting on nest. Hooray! They will be late with their cygnets but better late than never. We shall have to feed them furiously to get the babies up to weight for the Winter. One Mallard drake with crippled, swollen foot. Has either got fishing line round it, or has been bitten and infected. Tried but could hot catch -- Mallard fly too well; he will have to take his chances. The 4 Coot babies are still alive, and ducklings have been seen on the Mere, though not sure that they bred with us. The two later trees in the Orchard are in full bloom now and look lovely. Mediaeval Triangle is a picture in white, yellow and blue. Roundup has made the Convolvulus cough a bit, but the miles of root are pushing up more legions of the damned. Can see a large sneaky unwanted Sycamore on Pioneer Woodland. Must dig out before it gets beyond us.

11th May 2002

The Canada geese have hatched their goslings and gone. Camilla swan is messing about with two eggs in her new and desperately vulnerable nest on the bridge end of the spit I don't think they will hatch anyway, as she is just poking them about and will not sit. 8 duck eggs found with ? mink ? stoat ? ether predator damage, all licked clean and all together on the Spit. 4 coot babies are now down to three, Crow seen to take and kill one last week. 2 more ducks lame -- what is going on? Flora; Flags coming out well now, Alkanet a great mass of true blue. Hawthorns in full blossom, you can smell their earthy perfume from well up the road.

18th May 2002

Camilla has stopped mucking about and is now sitting on 4 eggs, while Oscar actually did one of his 'Victory Runs' down the Mere. He also seems a bit less gimpy now the warmer weather is here. One duck has recovered from her sore leg, but one drake and the other duck still lame. I am sure 'our' Songthrush is nesting in the Sanctuary. Coot still has 3 babies. All wildflowers holding as last week, though Ramsons are nearly over. Stitchwort still a picture, it really lasts well. Newly out; great lumps of Dame's Violet on Butterfly meadow and rough grass areas.

25th May 2002

Swans still sitting on 4 eggs. Duck with one solitary duckling has appeared. She seems extremely reluctant to take it into the water. On the up side in a down week we have at last got a reasonable germination of seeds on the half of the Butterfly Meadow in the wet weather. Dogroses are out, also Elder.

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