WWA Wildlife Report - March 2002

2 March 2002

Snowdrops almost over. Flora as last week with the addition of more Kingcups and Celandines. Oscar and Camilla still on Mere; seem to be roosting at their old nest site in the Spit. Siskin and Goldfinches on the feeders, as well as the more usual gang. Big hole, rabbit sized, discovered in the Orchard.

9 March 2002

Nothing to report -- Site manager away.

16 March 2002

We have a pair of Canada Geese on the Mere, Oscar is not so assertive now as he was in his prime, but is harassing them in a stately fashion. Camilla and Oscar have been both mating and roosting at the end of the Mere, so we have hopes. Snowdrops over, but everything else still out, preserved by the colder weather. Blackthorn is out and some trees are just starting to pop their buds. The Muntjac is back, eating and sleeping in the Riverside Road gardens.

23 March 2002

Wednesday took a walk down the Spit. No swan nest, alas. Though Camilla is eating for ten, and Oscar roosts on the Spit, they'll have to get a move on if they want to raise Cygnets this year. One Anemone out at last. Pairs of Long-tailed tits about the site. On Sunday 2 groups of Anemones out, one on Pioneer Woodland, one by the bench in Shady Place. Ramsons just starting into blossom, as are Green Alkanet, Myrobalan plum, Great Stitchwort, Broom, Cowslip. Primrose and Vinca at their best, daffs going over now. Kingfisher on site. Canada geese back, still being harried (Slowly) by both Oscar and Camilla. Beautiful Song thrush at entrance end of site, and swarms of small birds abounding all round. Strong fox smell here and there on site. Pollen beetles, large and small starting to appear, plus bumble and honeybees and Brimstone and Peacock butterflies in the warm sunshine. Bee hoverflies (I think) out also. Drake Mallard have been fighting, and some have been really mauled. Many ivy-clad trees on the Alban way, plus two of ours, have sagged over in the recent high winds, but don't seem to have gone right down. One is on Pioneer woodland, the other down at the tunnel end of the Mere. Evergreen cover very valuable, so suggest either leaving them alone, or propping them up????

30 March 2002

Bloody Mallard taste-testing the Fritillaries in Mediaeval Triangle -- caught the little blighters in the act. More Frits up by Sunday, about 25 in all, but they are getting nibbled as soon as they come into bloom. Red crested Pochard still with us, as are the Canadas. No sign of Swans nesting, alas. First of the recently planted Snowflakes showing blossom as are a few crossbred 'bluebells'. Ramsons just starting -- we've lost all the daffs now, but everything else from last week still bloomin' beautiful. Primroses are a picture, Cowslips will be, soon.

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