WWA Wildlife Report - September 2001

1 September 2001

Walking out of Shady Place, heard a great crash overhead. A squirrel, gripping two great hazelnuts in his mouth so they stuck out either side so could not see where he was going, had misjudged a jump. He landed one branch down, scrabbled about upside down and then rushed off, still locked on to his hazlenuts. Kingfisher seen catching fish at the bottom of the Mere. Wet weather has tempted out loads of frogs, from thumbnailed-sized babies to adults. Also medium-sized slow-worm seen on rough grass areas. All harvesting done very carefully!

8 September 2001

Kingfisher heard chuckling round site. Hassan counted the ducks - we had over 60 of the little blighters on Sunday. 'Naked Boys (Autumn Crocus) out on the corner of the Butterfly Meadow. Heron screeching away - he had pitched up on Alban Way and was being mobbed. Muntjac is back, more little sleeping forms found in the rough vegetation. Still quite a bit of flower colour left, despite the strangling growth of Convolvulus.

22 September 2001

Wet and windy weather. Water table well up already.

29 September 2001

Canada Geese very wild and restless, constantly flying overhead busy about their migrations. Site quaking with small tits - mostly long-tailed. Autumn Crocus still out, plus the newly-planted ones.

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