WWA Wildlife Report - August 2001

4 August 2001

Site much as last week grass seeding beginning to show thanks to very heavy rain. 'Our' young Heron remains about the site, he's afraid of nothing. Glad to see he wan't the corpse found a few weeks ago. Vegetation same as last week, though Knapweed (Hardheads) making a good splash of Magenta.

11 August 2001

Flora all basjed down, though everything unbelievably green for this time of year. Some flowers, like Dame's Violet, have had a second flowering. No insects to be seen this week. Songbirds all roosting, just making brief forays to the feeding stations.

18 August 2001

Swans have gone walkabout agan - time for the cygnets to be out in the school of hard knocks. Kingfisher seen coming from the bog end of the site this time. We have several reports of two visiting the site at the moment. Several great green dragonflies zooming round the bog, plus the delicate tiny damsel with the turquoise tipped abdomen. Site smothered in Greater Convolvulus. Has been a really good year for it, with all the rain. Shall have to get after it! Flowers still out - Purple Loosestrife, Tansy, Oenothera, Knapweed, Dame's Violet etc.

25 August 2001

Heron stalking about the upper Mere despite human company nearby. Pigeon egg neatly topped (probably fox?) also hedgehog dun in Scented Sanctuary; indirect evidence of our regular visitors. Kingfisher has extended his regular patrols to the bog and upper Mere. One gull has multiplied into four, all squabbling away and fishing in the Mere. Kestrel seen agian over site and Alban Way.

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