3 Feb 2001

Swans on river. Lots of sightings of Kingfisher - bold enough to fish from bridge, possibly because other good places have been frozen on and off this winter; WWA has remained unfrozen throughout. Snowdrops all fully out, daffodils well up and showing green heads.

10 Feb 2001

Site manager away - and so missed sighting of Muntjac deer in Val‘s garden.

17 Feb 2001

Swans gone at present, seem to be spending time on flooded allotments, but rest of birds still active. Snowdrops all fully out, grass bank primroses out already and daffodils showing buds.

24 Feb 2001

The week saw a wonderful fly-over for the site - a Red Kite. Everything of reasonable size was airborne and mobbing it - gulls and crows. Must have been one of the Chiltern programme birds. Saw it again over Batchwood area; hope we see it again.

Apart from Red Kite, which think can legitimately add to our list, as it overflew directly, things continue to go well. Swans have at last managed to escape from last year's cygnet and have mated and started nest construction. The Muntjac is still spending daytime hours in Val's garden. Small birds still doing well thanks to Howard and Sheila. Spring really on way despite snow and floods - violets now out to add to the snowdrops and primroses; daffodils showing yellow in bud with one sheltered clump n the Orchard out already.

Next report (March 2001)