30th December

Snow is good for seeing traces of animals that would not normally be visible. Good set of fox tracks entering site by the block house. Snow covering on golf course and playing field has driven a young rabbit on to Mediaeval area where the grass is showing. Birds feeding well from superb new feeders. Visible round site: Wren, Dunnock, Robin, assorted tits (Long-tailed, Blue and Great), charm of Goldfinches. Waterfowl looking fat, Kingfisher sighted during week.

13th January

All as last week - birds still sleek and fat at new bird feeders. Flora all beginning to burgeon in the cold but sunny weather. Bonus this week superb sighting of Green Woodpecker catching ants on the earthy areas exposed on the rough grass meadows - a spectacular sight. More rabbit scrapes in Orchard and many more mouse nests on rough grass areas.

20th January

We have a pair of swans on site this week - not our two usual ones, these are younger looking and unringed. The male is very cheeky and nibbles your buttons as a hint for food. Everything else very dank, cold and slippery with melting snow.

27 Jan 2001

Last year swans are back with last cygnet - the runt - now fully grown although it will never be big. They saw off the newcomers after a great fight. Newcomers flew over twice today, desperate to get back to food handouts. Kingfisher sighted at tunnel end of Mere at sunset. Heron overflew and site still a mass of small birds. Wood pigeons and collared doves about also - birds seem to be starting to pair off. Lots of snowdrops out, very pretty, other later bulbs showing green well above soil level despite the cold.

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