WWA Wildlife Report - October 2000

Autumn set in this month and the site became overgrown and rank in places - time for a tidy up! The leaves turned colour and the site was looking good all month- chrome yellow hornbeam, coral spindles, orange and red Queldar rose and purple red dogwood branches. A few evening primroses still flowered. Viper's Bugloss grew from seed by the back garden path of the Riverside Road houses this year - hopefully we can collect more seed from it.

The geese have been flying purposefully. The last of the Martins also departed. However the tits (including long-tailed), wrens and robins were still with us. A charm of goldfinches was working the site on the weekend of 28/29 October, and the goldcrest was spotted on the butterfly meadow. The Kingfisher has been seen again this month.

Muntjac deer hoofprints were seen in the mud by the Ver.

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