WWA Wildlife Report - September 2000

The site is becoming autumnal - the leaves are turning and the Spindle Spinney is becoming especially attractive - wine and coral coloured. Colchicums (meadow saffron) are out on the Butterfly Meadow. Knapweed and scabious are still flowering but the rest of the late flowers are flagging. A few butterflies still about - both Peacocks and Red Admirals seen this month. The bees were seen crowding around their hive door at the beginning of the month.

Juvenile swans have been seen occasionally on the Ver and three herons have flown over the site but seem to have settled at the Angling and Golf Club. A Kingfisher has been heard but not seen. A charm of Goldfinches was sighted mid-September, along with several pairs working singly around the site. A woodpecker was heard laughing at the tunnel end of the Mere.

Toads and newts were found during general maintenance of the Hibernaculum. Bats were detected along the Alban Way although the calls could have been Pipistrelles or Noctules. A large fox has been seen running on to the site.

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