WWA Wildlife Report - August 2000

Plants on the site were spectacular this month. The purple loosestrife and great hairy willowherb gave swathes of magenta on the site. Tansy had made much growth on last year to give a great clump of flowers. Evening primrose and buddleia were still flowering and the Colchicums were just beginning to flower in time for the bank holiday. Nearly all of the trees in the Orchard looked healthy and were bearing fruit this month.

Many butterflies have been sighted throughout august - Large and Small Whites, Peacock, Comma, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, Painted Lady and Holly Blue. Damsel and dragonflies have also been prevalent- Red Sympetrum, Brown Aeshna and unidentified electric blue damselfly.

The swans have been seen throughout the month with four of their cygnets on one occasion; two of the juvenile swans have remained with us during August. The usual moorhens, coots and mallards have been on the Mere, two herons were seen at the beginning of August and the Kingfisher has been seen along the River. Unfortunately the mallards have taken to sitting on our rare tussock grass resulting in its demise. Goldfinches and warblers also sighted in August.

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