WWA Wildlife Report - July 2000

The flora grew hugely this month - poppies, corncockle, cornflower, mullein, evening primrose, toadflax and bloody cranesbill all flowered this month. One of our chicory plants has finally survived and flowered in the Orchard, contrasting with the meadow cranesbill in that area.

Butterflies around the site this month - whites, comma, gatekeeper, meadow brown, painted lady and a blue. Brown Aeshna and Emperor dragonflies were also spotted at the end of the month.

The waterfowl on the mere have done well - four coot and five moorhen chicks were nearly adult size by the end of the month and two pairs of Kingfishers were seen on the site at the beginning of the month. The coot chicks have had great fun jumping on and off the bale of barley straw in the mere and have pulled hundreds of bits off it! A pair of heron, two adult jays and their fledged youngster, assorted tits and goldfinches have been sighted throughout this month.

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