WWA Wildlife Report - May 2000

Spring had sprung this month. The Orchard looked fantastic with the apple trees blossoming and the cow parsley in huge white swathes beneath at the beginning of May. As the month progressed alkanet, dogs mercury, cowslip, bluebells (spanish and native), forget-me-not, campion, medlar, dames violet, woodruff, elder, bloody cranesbill, buttercup, stitchwort and welsh poppies all flowered and made the site a delightful feast of colour. The foxglove, woolly thistle and mullein all began to sprout upwards at the end of the month.

A few early butterflies about - brimstone, peacock, orange tip and speckled wood have been sighted.

Small songbirds were evident on the site, lots of greenfinches at the start of te month. The baby coots hatched mid month - six of them. The swans were seen on the Ver with four cygnets, one of them riding on its parent's back - they are having trouble getting them back onto the site. Jays, canada geese and one Aylesbury duck also spotted this month.

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