WWA Wildlife Report - April 2000

The month began with fritillaries out in the Scented Sanctuary, closely followed by those in the Medieval Triangle. Ramsons and kingcups pretty, and the primroses in Shady Place were a picture throughout April. The daffodils were nearly over by mid april, but bluebells, cowslips and Roman hyacinths came out to replace them. Sweet Woodruff had taken in the Shady Place and a magnificant pillow of greater stitchwort was on the site. The fruit trees came into leaf, blossom began to break and the myrobalan plum was in full blossom.

There were many nesting birds around the site this month - coot, dunnock, blackbird, long-tailed tit. Additionally jays, green and goldfinches, treecreeper,thrush and dunnock were about on the site.

A few butterflies were spotted including a brimstone, peacock and male orange tip, and the bees emerged from their hive on site and were very lively by the middle of the month.

Tiddlers were seen in both the Mere and the Bog. Slow worms have emerged and are about on John watch's allotment. Hedgehog droppings were found by the shed. On Easter Bank Holiday there was a strong smell of fox all over the site!

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