Pioneer Woodland

This is a habitat of very alkaline dry shade, suitable for specialist lime-loving plants.

This area is landscaped from the rubble of a dozen brick and concrete garages, demolished and dumped here to form a bank some four feet high.

The long-term aim is to draw down the tree cover which has established itself on the banking of the Alban Way footpath onto the site itself. To this end many whip saplings have been planted as these have the best chance of survival. Although losses have been high because of the hostile ground, enough have lived to provide future tree cover.

The grass bank is sunny and has been planted with fine grass and lime-loving flowers.

At the far end of the bank found boulders have been arranged as a 'rock fall', providing innumerable holes and crannies for everything from insects and invertebrates to animals of hedgehog size.

Plants and Animals found in the Pioneer Woodland