The Orchard

This habitat is old orchard augmented by new trees, created for insects, invertebrates and songbirds. It is damp semi-shade.

The orchard has been enlarged this year (2001) to include a former allotment which has reverted to the association. It includes big old apple trees, interspersed with new Hertfordshire varieties. There are also Elder, Damson, Quince and Pear here. The underplanting is of rough vegetation and wide mown paths. All this provides ample food for songbirds, insects, snails, slugs etc into the Autumn. A bird feeding station further encourages songbirds into the area.

Along one side of the orchard area are a few very old pollard willows, their rough bark and rotting interiors giving shelter and a home to many small creatures from Goat moth to Woodlice. These old trees are also host to many interesting fungi.

Map of the Orchard

Plants and Animals found in the Orchard