Entrance Driveway and Mediaeval Triangle

This is a habitat of good loose earth in a bank, retained by a low wall; especially for burrowers and grass eaters

View of entrance looking into site

The entrance driveway is paved with plastic honeycomb and grassed over. This provides a level approach for buggies and wheelchairs, and is a useful basking site, particularly for butterflies.

The Mediaeval Triangle is the most recent virgin area to be worked on. The steeply sloping bank had slumped and has been retained by a 'faux' drystone wall made of found materials from the site. It has been invisibly mortared and provided with a network of ready-built holes throughout for small burrowing creatures. The bank and two small flat areas in front have been planted with fine grasses and a mix of bulbs and flowering plants. Established in this area are a fine old Ash and a mature Hawthorn.

Most of the plants growing here would have been used in Mediaeval times as ingredients for flavouring food and wine, or for medicinal purposes. This allows a little more flexibility in planting here than on the rest of the site, which uses only native species.

Plants and Animals seen in the entrance area