Butterfly Meadow

This is a sunny habitat of very shallow, poor soil over rubble. It is especially suitable for wildflowers, butterflies, bees and other nectar-feeders.

Butterfly meadow, looking towards mere

The driveway continues past the Butterfly Meadow, and is here surfaced with crushed builders rubble topped by 'fines'. Birds constantly pick at this for gizzard grit.

A purpose-built secure wooden bird hide has an uninterrupted view over the Butterfly Meadow and the Mere, Spit and Grass Bank. It has ramped access for wheelchair users and is furnished with spotter charts on all the walls.

The Butterfly Meadow itself was the very worst tipped area, and took 16 skips and six months to skim the surface and make it safe.

It has been planted with a great variety of annual and perennial native flowers. These are augmented by seed brought in each year to ensure lavish cropping.

Plants and Animals found in the Butterfly Meadow area