History of watercress growing in Hertfordshire: an information source

For those wanting further information on the history of watercress growing, why not see "The Watercress industry in Hertfordshire", part of the "River Ver / Rivers of Hertfordshire /Chilterns Chalk Stream /Water supply" archive in St Albans Central Library (Local History Reference Section), the Maltings.

The information contained in the archive is suitable for students of all ages, or anyone wishing to discover more about the landscape and cultural significance of the River Ver and other rivers in Hertfordshire. Look for the blue files!

The "Watercress" section currently (October 2005) comprises:

Herfordshire Countryside magazine articles:

Watercress in Hertfordshire      by John Lea (winter 1947)

Down to the Cress Beds      by WGS Crook (summer 1957)

Watercress growing in Hertfordshire      by Jessica Drury (Feb 1966)

The old watercress industry in Redbourn      by Helen Keeky (Mar 1972)

Watercress growing      from County of Hertfordshire /The Victoria History of England (1923)

Bobby Vise, watercress grower, Redbourn.      An interview transcript for the Museum of St Albans. (Jul 1994)

Gerry or 'Jed' Dunham, watercress bed worker and grower, Riverside Road, St Albans      Interview by Andy Webb (Oct 1993). Plus additional historical and cultural notes.

Claude Pinnock, watercress grower, Park Street      Interview by Tony Stevens (Park Street and Frogmore Society, Sept 1997)

Watercress selling in Farringdon Market      (Mayhew's London, 1961)

A visit to Whitnell watercress beds (Nine Wells Farm), Herts (Sept 2004)      Compiled by Andy Webb. History of the site and the Sansom family, plus some cultural news and diagrams.

Hertfordshire watercress history: growing sites 1815 - 2003      (Diagram, 2003)

Recipe ideas for watercress      Various

The archive, as a whole, contains information on the following subjects:

Andy Webb
October 2005

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