Grand Entrance!          December 2000

Plans to improve the site approach have been hatched over a number of years. many options being considered. The decision to use grassblock HDFE*pavers was influenced by ease of installation, maintenance, vehicle access, appearance and cost. (HDFE -high density polyethylene using recycled materials)

Having made this decision we were able to approach the national Lottery millenium fund, who made a grant of 1,458 to cover materials.

The task was completed by the faithful few over several working party sundays. The work was not without mishaps, but the finished result is a vast improvement - coupled with what has turned out to be an experiment in site drainage!

With care and attention the coming six months should see a suitable grassy approach to the main gate for our 10th anniversary year.

How the new drive was laid

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The path before work started The state of the drive before we started work on it. Putting in the drainage pipe First we fought the drainage pipe.

Laying the pavers Then we locked the pavers together over a bed of sand. Soil on top Finally the surface was covered in earth and seeded with grass.

The grass grew! Now all it needs is a bit of a haircut!

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