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If you would like to help with maintenance at the WWA Reserve please come along to the working group at the Reserve on Sunday, 24th February starting around 10-00.  The jobs we have to cover-

  • We need to finish skimming the layer of mud off the driveway and put down some gravel.
  • Also, there are three post-holes to be dug alongside the drive and then putting posts in to give a boundary line.
  • The Wednesday group did a lot of hedge trimming and cutting of branches that need to be cut to shorter lengths ready for burning – there may be a bonfire but that is for Sheila to decide on the day.
  • There is an area in the Pyghtle that needs digging over.
  • If anyone feels energetic the allotment grassed area needs scything and cutting with the hand mower.
  • Hedge laying

If you have not been to a working group before please find someone with a green tee shirt or fleece (with a heron logo) and introduce yourself.  They will help you to find an activity that suits you.  We provide gloves and the tools you will need.  We break for cake and tea/coffee at 12-00, giving an opportunity to chat to other volunteers.

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