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Thanks to active member Phil, we have a Flickr group which is populated with loads of fantastic pictures of the insect and bird life that eager photographers have catalogued on their visits to the site, including Firecrests and Lesser redpoll. It’s setup as an open group so you can contribute your own pictures and videos to share with everybody. Please do! You’ll find a permanent link in the sidebar to the right.

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If you would like to help with maintenance at the WWA Reserve please come along to the working group at the Reserve on Sunday, starting around 10-00.  The jobs we have to cover are mainly cutting back hogweed and removing nettles/brambles along the entrance way and embankment area and also in the shady place.  In the shady place we also need to remove the small dogwood that is getting out of hand and print down the larger ones that are increasing in number.  For those wishing to have a real work-out the allotment area needs scything again (it was done last month but is already growing back?.  If anyone wishes to learn how to use a scythe this would be a good opportunity.

If you haven’t been to one of the working groups before then please say hello to someone in a green WWA T-shirt and they will make sure you find the gloves and tools you need, discuss the sort of work you would like to do and introduce you to other volunteers.  We have an informal session at the end with cake and drinks.
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Thanks to those of you who made it today to work under such warm conditions.  A lot has been achieved and a couple of pictures are included to show what a good time can be had with scythes and strimmers.



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Daylight is increasing, temperatures and sap rising, and amphibious activity abounds ….

frog images courtesy of Eoin Daly


and Spring as seen from the Shady Place

a welcome return for green shoots and a blue sky


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Two of these moths have been spotted hibernating in one of the sheds on the WWA Reserve img_0205

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Heron posing on bridge

Heron posing on bridge

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It has been mentioned that this page is a bit out of sync with the seasons, and so here’s a view shot in September, but this was September 1992 – our formal open day. Star guest David Bellamy has his back to the camera though …..



but just to show that things have been happening, our resident pair of woodpecker busy earlier this year …



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Springtime is coming!

With an obvious eye for a view, Soonu Dilke sent us this photo of the Mere (with the willow basket sculpture on the opposite bank) taken on a sunny afternoon in March…



Many thanks Soonu, we look forward to more of your photos in the future.